Le marché


Design solution for Masters thesis
The influence of packaging on the act of buying food products in supermarkets.”

Le Marché: A masters thesis project which investigates the ways in which a grocery store can realign the values of ecology, sociability, quality and honesty within the field of modern consumption. 

Le Marché acts to refocus the actual needs of consumers, valuing quality above all, and subverts current norms of packaging, distribution and re-use.

The removal of the distracting aspects of branded packaging from the grocery shop allows consumers to focus instead on the products themselves; Locally produced, seasonal food, honestly and clearly packaged using a universal, modular and reusable system.
The shop scenography highlights and enlightens the process of food creation, from field to table, promoting transparency in industrial food processes and repairing the link between producers and consumers.

Berlin, London, Marseille